“Oracle Partners with Nvidia to Bring AI Capabilities to Customers”

Oracle has recently announced a partnership with Nvidia to simplify AI development and deployment for its customers. By bringing Nvidia’s AI stack to its marketplace, Oracle is providing its customers with access to top-of-the-line GPUs and AI software. This move allows eligible enterprises to purchase the necessary tools directly from the marketplace and start training AI models on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Access to Nvidia AI Offerings

Under this partnership, Oracle customers now have access to Nvidia’s DGX Cloud AI supercomputing platform and AI Enterprise software. The DGX Cloud platform provides a serverless experience for multi-node training of custom generative AI models, while AI Enterprise is an enterprise-grade toolkit that helps accelerate the deployment of models to production.

Karan Batta, Senior Vice President for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “We have worked closely with Nvidia for years to provide organizations with an accelerated compute infrastructure to run Nvidia software and GPUs. The addition of Nvidia AI Enterprise and Nvidia DGX Cloud to OCI further strengthens this collaboration and will help more organizations bring AI-fueled services to their customers faster.”

Benefits for Oracle Customers

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is widely used by enterprises across sectors to build and run business applications and services. The integration of Nvidia’s AI offerings into OCI’s marketplace provides developers with a catalog of add-on solutions and services to enhance their products.

For customers building apps on OCI, they can now leverage their existing universal cloud credits to integrate Nvidia’s AI supercomputing platform and software into their development and deployment pipelines. This seamless integration streamlines the transition from training on DGX Cloud to deploying AI applications into production via Nvidia AI Enterprise on OCI.

“We are excited to put the dual resources of OCI and the Nvidia AI Enterprise suite to use in building our next-generation AI-driven applications and ever more useful digital twins,”

– Paul Jaski, CEO at Gemelo

Gemelo.ai, a digital engagement company, and the University at Albany in upstate New York are among the many companies already utilizing Nvidia’s AI stack on OCI. These companies are thrilled to have the resources of OCI and Nvidia AI Enterprise to develop their AI-driven applications and digital twins.

Oracle’s AI Efforts

While Oracle is partnering with Nvidia to bring AI capabilities to its customers, there are questions about the company’s own AI efforts. Oracle has primarily focused on industry partnerships in the AI space. However, there are indications that the company is developing its own LLM (Language Model) to help cloud customers integrate generative AI into their applications.

In June, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s founder, announced a collaboration with AI company Cohere to develop a service that would enable enterprise customers to train their own custom LLMs using private data while ensuring data privacy and security. Oracle has also incorporated generative AI features into many of its products and solutions, particularly those tailored for HR and healthcare professionals.

As Oracle continues its AI journey, partnerships like the one with Nvidia are crucial in empowering its customers with AI capabilities and augmenting their cloud infrastructure.

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