Introduces Revolutionary AI Modes, the trailblazing AI assistant that revolutionized conversational and multimodal search, has once again raised the bar with the release of its groundbreaking “AI Modes.” These new modes, named Smart, Genius, Create, and Research, are set to redefine how chatbots tackle complex, multi-step problems. is the first to crack this code, leaving competitors like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI trailing in its wake.

Next-Level Problem Solving with Genius and Research Modes

The highlight of’s latest update lies in its Genius and Research Modes, enabling the AI assistant to comprehensively solve multi-step problems. Richard Socher, CEO and co-founder of, shared his vision of delivering accurate, visual, and conversational answers, solidifying the company’s commitment to innovation. Genius Mode, the standout feature, combines multi-step logical reasoning with data visualization, file uploads, and AI image creation, creating an unbeatable skill set in the market. This mode can not only answer questions but also perform additional tasks, such as plotting answers on a graph or generating bedtime stories and accompanying images.

Create Mode: Unleashing AI Artistry’s Create Mode transforms any concept into an AI-generated image or a chart in a wide range of styles. Acting as a blank canvas for AI artistry, Create Mode eliminates the need for specific command inputs, streamlining the process and making it more intuitive.

Research Mode: Unparalleled Accuracy and Transparency

The Research Mode of specializes in providing comprehensive yet digestible reports. It excels in delivering extensive source citations, references, and real-time news events. Leveraging its strong foundation in web search and indexing, Research Mode stands out with its ability to create comparative tables, making it ideal for decision-making.

One of the biggest breakthroughs of today’s release is the orchestration that happens between different LLMs behind the scenes during each query, even before a prompt is fully processed.

– CEO and co-founder Richard Socher’s approach involves merging its natural language models with third-party models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 to optimize results for different queries. As Socher stated, increased engineering around core language models will be key as they become commoditized.

“I think the answer here is also a sign of the times… The answer is complicated.”

– CEO and co-founder Richard Socher

Founded by AI research scientists Richard Socher and Bryan McCann, aims to revolutionize information discovery and engagement online. Unlike traditional search engines, provides personalized, continuously learning answers through a chat interface. Additionally, it prioritizes trust, transparency, and user privacy, offering tailored responses while respecting search privacy and providing transparent control over personal data.’s API further enables other chatbots to enhance their accuracy with real-time web access. The company plans to continually innovate and enhance its AI modes as well as its technology and personalization engine. In addition, is exploring partnerships with publishers and content creators to share monetization strategies and ensure fair use of data.

To experience these game-changing AI modes, is currently offering free access to all users. However, YouPro members enjoy unlimited access to all modes, enhanced personalization, and the ability to tap into models like GPT-4 with live web access. With its innovative AI modes, is poised to shape the AI industry’s future and redefine comprehensive question-answering and problem-solving for users.

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