Tech Startup Rabbit Unveils r1 AI Device at CES 2024

Tech startup Rabbit has recently introduced their latest innovation, the r1, an AI-powered companion device that aims to simplify digital tasks. Rabbit, based in Los Angeles, has successfully raised $30 million in funding from reputable investors including Khosla Ventures, Synergis Capital, and Kakao Investment. The company is now ready to showcase its revolutionary product at CES 2024, the renowned tech trade show held in Las Vegas.

The r1: Bridging the Gap Between Human Intent and Device Action

The r1 device is specifically designed to bridge the gap between human intent and device action, streamlining the execution of digital tasks. Powered by Rabbit OS, a groundbreaking operating system, the r1 utilizes natural language commands to efficiently navigate multiple apps. With its proprietary Large Action Model (LAM), the r1 is capable of learning and replicating user actions across various interfaces, effectively simplifying complex tasks.

“We’re ushering in a new era of human-device interaction where AI doesn’t just understand natural language; it performs actions based on users’ intentions to accomplish tasks.” – Jesse Lyu, CEO of rabbit

Unlike most voice-based assistants found in smart home and portable consumer devices, the Rabbit OS integrated into the r1 goes beyond simple requests such as turning on lights or checking the weather. It can handle a wide range of digital errands, from searching for up-to-date information to conducting thorough research and making reservations or completing transactions. With Rabbit OS, users can even fill a virtual grocery store cart and seamlessly complete the checkout process.

LAM: Enabling Human-like Actions and Seamless Task Execution

The r1’s remarkable capabilities are made possible by Atmosic’s proprietary Large Action Model (LAM). LAM serves as the backbone of the device, enabling it to comprehend and execute human-like actions across various mobile and desktop environments. By observing and learning from human behaviors, LAM eliminates the need for complex integrations like APIs and apps, ensuring seamless task execution without the hassle of downloading multiple applications.

Rabbit OS, together with LAM, introduces “rabbits” – personal AI agents that carry out a wide range of tasks for users. These tasks can range from simple inquiries to intricate errands such as travel research and grocery shopping. The Rabbit OS operates through a cloud hub called “rabbit hole,” where users grant access to their existing apps. Importantly, Rabbit OS prioritizes user privacy and security by executing tasks with users’ permission without storing personal data or requiring proxy accounts.

The r1 device, created in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, boasts an intuitive design inspired by retro gadgets like the Tamagotchi. Despite its compact and portable size, the r1 offers impressive features including a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a push-to-talk button, a scroll wheel for navigation, and a 360-degree rotating camera named “rabbit eye” for video calls and advanced computer vision applications. Equipped with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, a MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4 GB of memory, 128 GB of storage, and a USB-C port, the r1 operates as a standalone device.

Overall, Rabbit’s r1 device brings a refreshing approach to human-device interaction, empowering users to effortlessly accomplish digital tasks with the help of AI. With its innovative features and emphasis on user privacy, the r1 is set to revolutionize the online experience and enhance users’ daily lives.

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