AI-Related Jobs: Opportunities and High Salaries

January: The Perfect Time for a Career Move

If you’re trying to get back in the saddle after the holidays, it can be tough to motivate yourself. Making a career move can seem like a very exciting prospect — especially if facing another 12 months at your current role is filling you with dread. You’re not alone if you do have a bad case of the January blues: according to jobs site Indeed, January is one of the most popular months to look for a new job, in part thanks to the fact that there are the largest numbers of open jobs available, as well as a high volume of applications.

AI: Reshaping the Job Market

When it comes to the sort of tech roles that are hot tickets for 2024, AI is out in front. In fact, according to new research from Bizreport, “the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the American job market”. Not only do AI-related jobs offer 77.53% higher salaries than other occupations, but the pay gap between tech jobs and other occupations has also widened by 36% due to artificial intelligence. And in even better news for those with the necessary skills is the fact that in 2023, 30.3% of computer science jobs were AI-related. This year, the picture looks even brighter with the potential for more than 131,000 AI-related roles in the computer science market. So, if you are considering a job move, high-paying roles across the AI gamut are on offer right now.

High-Paying AI Jobs

Explore the following three high-paying roles in the AI field:

  • AI Architect at Salesforce, Dallas
  • “A salary scale of $233,300 to $355,900 a year is on offer for this AI Architect job at Salesforce in Dallas. You should be a highly accomplished and transformative enterprise architect with a strong emphasis on machine learning (ML) design, solutioning and gen AI to play a pivotal role in shaping the technological landscape of the organization. In this influential position, you will have the opportunity to be responsible for the organization’s ML and Gen AI initiatives, drive innovation and ensure that solutions are not only innovative, but also strategically aligned with business objectives. To be considered, you’ll need proven experience as an enterprise architect or in a similar senior technical role, with a track record of building large-scale innovative AI products and solutions. Strong knowledge of machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics is also necessary as is hands-on experience productionizing ML models (prototyping, training and serving) using ML frameworks such as AWS Sagemaker, Google Vertex, etc., as well as a strong familiarity with generative AI concepts and technologies.”

    – Salesforce

  • AI Infrastructure Engineer at Intel
  • “Up to $250,410 a year is on offer for the right candidate for this AI Infrastructure Engineer role at Intel, where you will drive customers’ technical engagement with design-in, onboarding and architecting solutions. You’ll also be the technical expert on all accelerator products, work with customers on their data center design with DAIS accelerators, including rack, power, network, storage, coolin, and CPU host, and give advisory on data center customers’ system validation/qualification process and success criteria. To be considered, you’ll need a deep understanding of key AI and datacenter technologies across silicon, system and software, an understanding of ecosystem players (OxM, ISV and partners) and strong communication and presentation skills with the ability to effectively convey complex concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.”

    – Intel

  • Generative AI Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton
  • “Booz Allen Hamilton is looking for a Generative AI Engineer with technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities to identify and develop opportunities for the use of AI, ML and LLMs to solve real-world business and operational problems that will help the company execute missions of national importance. A pay scale of $106,200 – $242,000 a year is on offer for the job, which will see the right candidate architect and build new generative AI-based products and offerings, as well as collaborate with a community of research and experimentation leaders, software and IT operations engineers, AI and ML experts, data scientists, solution architects, systems engineers and product owners to deliver world-class solutions. If you have six or more years’ of experience in software engineering, including leading teams to build customer-facing solutions and products, as well as experience with integrating large language models or multi-modal models with applications or user interfaces and have led a collaborative, cross-functional team environment, consisting of security engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers and designers, then discover more about the job now.”

    – Booz Allen Hamilton

If you are interested in any of these AI job opportunities, click on the respective links to find out more and apply. With the growing demand for AI expertise, taking advantage of these high-paying roles could be the career move you’ve been looking for.

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