Roblox Launches AI-Powered Real-Time Chat Translation

Breaking Language Barriers with AI

Roblox is making a groundbreaking move in fostering global communication and inclusivity with the launch of its AI-powered real-time chat translation feature. This feature allows users to seamlessly communicate in their preferred language, breaking language barriers and creating a more inclusive environment.

“Our custom large language model is so fast we’re able to do real-time translations from any one of 16 languages to any of the others as people type to help them connect in real time, no matter where they’re from,” said Daniel Sturman, CTO at Roblox.

With this new technology, Roblox users from different parts of the world can engage in conversations with fellow community members in their native languages. For example, a user in Korea can send a message in Korean, and an English-speaking user will receive it in English, while a German-speaking user can read and respond in German.

Roblox’s proprietary artificial intelligence allows for instant translation of text chat messages, enabling users to connect and communicate in real-time.

Expanding Localization and Enhancing Communication

Roblox’s vision goes beyond breaking language barriers. The company aims to provide localized experiences to its diverse user base by offering local payment options, culturally relevant content and avatars, and now, in-experience chat translation.

“Our early experiments with this new automated chat translation technology showed a very positive impact on time spent, chat engagement, and session quality,” said Zhen Fang, head of international at Roblox.

Roblox acknowledges that as its user base continues to grow globally, it is essential to make the platform easily accessible and truly localized. The introduction of automatic chat translation aligns with this strategy and enhances the daily communication experience for the community.

Enabling features like real-time chat translation at a global scale creates a sense of unity among users, making the world feel smaller and more connected.

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