Opera GX Introduces Aria: A Revolutionary Browser AI

Meet Aria: The Revolutionary Browser AI

Opera GX, the web browser tailored for gamers, is set to transform the browsing experience with the introduction of Aria, an advanced browser AI designed to assist users in various tasks. Aria, powered by Opera’s proprietary Composer architecture, extends beyond conventional AI capabilities.

AI-Powered Assistance

Aria not only excels at coding but also harnesses real-time internet data to offer users up-to-the-minute answers and insights. Early adopters of Opera GX can now interact directly with this friendly browser AI, which keeps them informed about the latest gaming news and provides valuable tips. Whether you have specific game-related questions or seek broader advice on starting a streaming career, Aria is here to help.

  • Real-time Gaming Updates
  • Custom Character Bios
  • Interactive Q&A

Additionally, Aria integrates with Opera’s AI Prompts feature, enhancing the user experience by enabling contextual information and prompts through text highlighting.

Enhanced User Convenience

Opera GX users can now enjoy a new command line feature, activated with keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+/(Win) or cmd+/(Mac)), to seamlessly interact with Aria. This feature offers a unique browsing experience that bridges the gap between user and AI, creating a conversational atmosphere.

Aria stands out by giving users full control over their browsing experience, allowing them to opt-in via the sidebar and Opera account login. Aria is accessible in over 180 countries and is compatible with Opera GX on Windows and MacOS, as well as the flagship Opera browser on various platforms.

To enable Aria in Opera GX, users can activate the “Early Bird” option in settings and enable the “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line.” Best of all, Aria usage within Opera GX is entirely free, requiring only a simple Opera account login.

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