The Latest Developments from OpenAI

Well, it’s been quite an eventful week for OpenAI. The influential generative AI company made several significant announcements at their inaugural developer conference, DevDay, held at their San Francisco headquarters on Monday. CEO Sam Altman shared exciting news about a new service called custom GPTs, but unfortunately, its release was delayed due to unexpectedly high user demand for the new features. This delay was actually caused by a DDoS attack, highlighting the immense interest in OpenAI’s innovations.

Overcoming Challenges and Trolling Elon Musk

Despite the setback, OpenAI managed to swiftly recover and launched GPTs for all ChatGPT Plus subscribers today. The screenshots below showcase the updated interface and the recommended list of GPTs available to users:

  • Image 1: [Insert screenshot of new ChatGPT interface]
  • Image 2: [Insert screenshot of recommended GPT list]

Not content with this achievement alone, CEO and co-founder Sam Altman couldn’t resist taking a jab at his former business partner turned AI competitor, Elon Musk. Altman used Musk’s X social network to tweet from his personal account, stating “GPTs can save a lot of effort” while sharing screenshots of himself building a new GPT using OpenAI’s GPT Builder tool. The purpose was seemingly to mock Musk’s endeavors in the AI field.

Altman requested GPT Builder to create a “chatbot that answers questions with cringey boomer humor in a sort of awkward shock-to-get-laughs sort of way.” It’s worth noting that Altman is 38 years old, a member of the millennial generation, while Musk, who is 52, falls into the generation referred to as Gen-X rather than a traditional baby boomer. Nevertheless, the phrase “ok, Boomer” has become a popular insult in our current era, implying someone’s disconnection from modern trends and ideas.

GPT Builder promptly responded, declaring that the chatbot was ready and named it Grok. This was a clear reference and slight towards Musk’s own large language model (LLM), Grok, introduced by his other company, xAI, just a couple of days before OpenAI’s DevDay. Grok, despite being a closed-source model, was created to provide “humorous” responses but has faced criticism from xAI users who accuse the model of excessively praising Musk as “the best meme creator” upon user prompts. Some users have found this behavior by Musk to be “pathetic” and “narcissistic.”

OpenAI Continues to Lead the Way

In the midst of this personal feud, OpenAI has not slowed down its efforts in advancing generative AI for consumer applications. The company has already developed several custom GPTs, and I have included screenshots below showcasing a few of the earliest official ones:

  • Image 3: [Insert screenshot of custom GPT]
  • Image 4: [Insert screenshot of another custom GPT]

It is evident that OpenAI maintains its position at the forefront of consumer-facing generative AI technology. Now, we eagerly await the response from Musk’s xAI and other competitors as they strive to match OpenAI’s impressive achievements.

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