The White House Unveils Advancing AI Ethically and Responsibly

The White House has launched, a new website that showcases the federal government’s efforts and achievements in artificial intelligence (AI) while providing resources and guidance for researchers, developers, and the public. This milestone was announced by President Biden during a press conference, serving as part of his administration’s broader strategy to promote the development and adoption of AI in the United States while prioritizing ethical and responsible use.

Acceleration of Technological Change

During the press conference, President Biden emphasized the significance of artificial intelligence and its potential to create unprecedented technological advancements. He stated,

“We’re going to see more technological change in the next 10… maybe next 5 years, than we’ve seen in the last 50 years, and that’s a fact.”

Recognizing the immense impact of AI, the President acknowledged its ability to accelerate change at an unprecedented pace.

Driving Responsible AI Adoption

The launch of coincides with the Biden administration’s issuance of the first-ever executive order on AI, which establishes new standards for testing, evaluating, and monitoring AI systems within federal agencies. These actions represent the most significant steps taken by the U.S. government to ensure the responsible and accountable utilization of AI. will serve as a hub for information on AI safety and security standards, civil rights guidance, and labor market impacts. It will also streamline the recruitment process for AI positions within the federal government, facilitating the development of a robust public sector AI workforce.

Facilitating Collaboration and Innovation

A key highlight of the website is the portal for the National AI Talent Surge, an initiative aimed at rapidly recruiting technical experts to build and govern AI systems aligned with the administration’s values. Additionally, provides insights into the government’s investments in AI research and development through the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative (NAII). The NAII fosters collaboration with academia, industry, and civil society, aiming to coordinate and accelerate federal AI activities across sectors and agencies.

Promoting Trustworthy and Ethical AI also offers guidance and best practices for the implementation and ethical use of AI, including details about the proposed National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) outlined in a bipartisan bill. The NAIRR seeks to establish a shared cloud computing platform that provides AI researchers and students access to high-quality datasets, computing resources, and educational tools.

Global Engagement and National Strategy

The launch of comes at a time of increasing global competition and cooperation in AI, particularly with China’s ambition to become the global leader in AI by 2030. The website serves as a demonstration of the U.S.’s commitment and leadership in advancing AI for the betterment of humanity. The Biden administration acknowledges the importance of engaging with other countries and international organizations to address common challenges and opportunities in the AI landscape. Furthermore, the website reflects the administration’s recognition of the urgent need to develop a national AI strategy that is inclusive, transparent, and accountable, as emphasized by President Biden during the press conference:

“One thing is clear: To realize the promise of AI and avoid the risk, we need to govern this technology. There’s no way around it, in my view. It must be governed.”

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