Unlocking the Power of Generative AI for Enhanced Customer and Employee Experiences

Generative AI has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers and employees. With this technology, customer and employee expectations have skyrocketed. Customers are demanding seamless self-service and accurate advice, while employees require technology that supports them in delivering efficient experiences. However, achieving this can be challenging, as Bonnie Chase, senior director of service product marketing at Coveo, explains.

“There’s a lot of excitement about the technology of generative AI, but not much talk about the experience. It’s key to remember why chatbots weren’t successful in the end—we weren’t able to achieve a consistent and effortless experience that allowed customers to find the information that they need.”

Fortunately, Coveo has cracked the code and achieved remarkable results. They have seen a 20% boost in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and a 30% reduction in cost-to-serve. Let’s explore what sets an enterprise generative search solution apart.

The Foundations of an Enterprise Generative Search Solution

A successful generative answering solution in an enterprise requires a solid foundation of secure connectivity, indexing, search, and AI. This foundation makes it possible to personalize anonymous and authenticated sessions based on user context, behavior, and intent detection mechanisms throughout digital journeys. All while managing content access through permissions, according to Chase.

“A mature solution should embed generative answering across the customer experience, allowing enterprises to generate answers across multiple touchpoints, from any source of structured or unstructured content, all with one AI platform.”

In other words, generative AI solutions should be seamlessly integrated into the customer touchpoints. It’s not just about providing a consistent experience for customers, but also ensuring that every employee, from the contact center to the customer success manager, has access to the same content and experiences.

“That’s what we’re trying to do here: make sure that no matter how customers interact with you, whether they’re searching your website or community or wherever that may be, they’re getting the same goodness that your internal teams get as well, while respecting privacy and security permissions.”

According to Chase, the foundation of any digital experience is information. Whether someone is looking to buy, solve a problem, or explore new ideas, it all relies on content. That’s why generative answering plays a crucial role in delivering accurate and relevant information.

The Power of Generative Answering

Generative answering is an advanced approach to search that relies on indexed content and in-depth query understanding. The more access the system has to content, the better and more accurate the answers will be. This is especially important for enterprise solutions.

“A unified approach ensures that the generative answering model has the most comprehensive and consistent answers to make it easier for people to get straight to the heart of what they’re looking for.”

Having a unified index allows for the application of machine learning capabilities to optimize each user’s experience based on their interactions with the content. Coveo’s Relevance Generative Answering, for example, integrates machine learning technology to create relevance at scale and to provide consistent and factual answers across all channels.

Ensuring security and permissions are built into the solution is another essential aspect. The solution should provide answers based only on the content that the user has permission to access, while still offering the most relevant answer.

Personalization is also a key feature of generative answering solutions. It ensures that users receive content that is relevant to their individual needs and experiences. Whether it’s onboarding information or technical assistance, the solution delivers personalized answers.

“Personalization is about making the experience effortless for the customer and for the employees when we’re talking total experience. It’s ensuring that not only do they have the answer that’s relevant to them, but it meets what they need to move forward with the task at hand.”

Furthermore, a successful generative answering solution should have access to all available content. Coveo, for instance, unifies content from internal and external sources in a single index, ensuring that the answer is derived from the most comprehensive set of information possible.

“Companies don’t just have one place where they’re creating knowledge. It’s important for those to be indexed as well because the best answer isn’t always in a document. And the unified index ensures consistency no matter where you are, no matter what tech stack you’re using or how many tools.”

Coveo’s Relevance Generative Answering platform is currently live and producing remarkable results. Its sophisticated applied AI, scalability, rapid time to value, and enterprise-grade security make it a leading solution in the market. Coveo is continuously iterating and evolving its technology, working closely with partners and customers to improve the customer service experience.

Chase concludes, “By using our technology ourselves, with employees and customers, we are showcasing that it’s trustworthy. And we’ve helped hundreds of the world’s leading brands create tangible financial value over the last decade.”

To learn more about the advancements in generative AI and how it can benefit your business, download the ebook “GenAI Headaches: The Cure for CIOs.”

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