Runway ML partners with Getty Images to develop new generative AI video model

Runway ML, the New York City video AI startup backed by Google and Nvidia, is making strides in the future marketplace. The company has announced a partnership with Getty Images, a leading repository of paid stock imagery and editorial imagery worldwide, to create a new generative AI video model called Runway Getty Images Model (RGM).

“This new Runway Getty Images Model (RGM) will provide a baseline model upon which companies can build their own custom models for the generation of video content. Runway enterprise customers will be able to fine-tune RGM using their own proprietary datasets. This enables companies in all fields — Hollywood studios, advertising, media, broadcasting, and more — to enhance their creative capabilities and provide new channels for video creation by powering entirely new content workflows and making it easy to craft delightful experiences tailored to enterprises’ styles and brand identities and to their unique audiences.”

The collaboration between Runway and Getty Images aims to push the boundaries of AI and video generation. It will allow enterprises to produce professional, engaging, and brand-aligned content with ease. The Runway Getty Images Model (RGM) will be available for commercial use in the near future.

The partnership is significant for a few reasons. First, Runway has recently upgraded its video generating AI web-based software app, Gen-2. The new features include a motion brush that enables users to add motion to specific areas of a static image, new camera motions that mimic the movements of a video camera, and improved fidelity and realism in the resulting videos.

Despite facing competition from emerging companies like Pika, which recently secured a $55 million funding round and unveiled its 1.0 video AI generator platform, Runway is establishing itself as a leader in generative video AI.

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