Exciting Times for App Developers: The Rise of AI

Exciting Times for App Developers: The Rise of AI

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The Impact of Generative AI and AI-Powered Coding Assistance

We live in exciting times for app developers. The advent of democratizing innovations like generative AI (gen AI) and AI-powered coding assistance is set to lead to an explosion of new applications. According to IDC, over 750 million cloud-native applications will be created by 2025. However, many organizations face the challenge of maintaining a regular cadence of competitive products and services.

“On the one hand, organizations are under constant pressure to innovate and differentiate — and that pressure has increased because of generative AI and how disruptive or advantageous it could be for their business,”

– Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer at MongoDB

Organizations are required to balance the market disruption caused by gen AI with the need for cost-saving measures and efficiency. This tension has become a top priority for businesses. Additionally, developers are in short supply, making it crucial for organizations to prioritize their challenges and focus on solving core issues rather than dealing with the complexity of traditional relational database systems.

“And that’s why we’re making sure we build technology solutions that are delightful for developers and serve their needs,” said Azam. MongoDB understands the importance of supporting developers and providing them with tools that are efficient, scalable, and secure.

The Role of AI in Modernizing Stacks and Revolutionizing User Experience

VentureBeat recently spoke with Sahir Azam about the priorities for organizations as they work to modernize their technology stacks and leverage the power of AI.

Azam shared some of the ways MongoDB is investing in AI, including embedding AI into their developer tooling to simplify MongoDB code writing and querying. They have also formed partnerships with major hyperscalers to optimize large language model training using internal knowledge of MongoDB’s resources.

In addition to these advancements, MongoDB is focusing on providing tools to support various AI use cases. For developers using public APIs like OpenAI and Azure AI, the newly developed tool called RAG (Retrieval-Augmentation Generation) helps in customizing results using proprietary data. Another key addition is the vector database, which enhances machine learning models’ abilities to remember previous inputs, leading to more effective search, recommendations, and text generation use cases.

“Making sure it’s secure, stable, performant, and so on puts major pressure on IT leaders — and adds yet more tech sprawl. To counter that challenge, we’ve focused on enabling vector database capability out of the box.”

– Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer at MongoDB

Furthermore, MongoDB has integrated AI capabilities into various tools like MongoDB Compass, Atlas Charts, and the Relational Migrator tool. These integrations aim to simplify the development process, enhance query writing, and reduce the cost of modernizing legacy systems.

Consolidating Vendor Relationships for Cost-Effective Operations

Following the wave of digital transformation, organizations are now focusing on consolidating vendor relationships to optimize costs and improve efficiency. The aim is to reduce the time spent on maintenance and increase the focus on delivering business value.

“We’re now seeing organizations looking to consolidate costs with fewer vendors who can provide more capabilities so that they can save time and effort operationally.”

– Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer at MongoDB

MongoDB aims to enable these business needs by offering a developer data platform that simplifies the development process and reduces sprawl. With one interface, one language to learn, and one environment, developers have the tools they need to build applications faster and with less complexity. This results in cost savings for organizations and increased productivity for developers.

Moreover, MongoDB’s multi-cloud approach allows developers to build applications that can run across multiple public cloud platforms simultaneously or in a customer’s data center, providing flexibility and control over data management.

“MongoDB makes it easy for organizations to move fast, and to take an idea from inception to a globally scalable application that can serve those millions of users more easily than any other platform.”

– Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer at MongoDB

By investing in developers and providing them with the necessary tools, technology, and support, organizations can enhance their ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay ahead in today’s software-driven world.

Ready to invest in your developers? Start here with MongoDB.

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