Introducing Intuit Assist: Your AI Companion

Meet Intuit Assist: The Smart AI Companion

Intuit, the financial software giant renowned for TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, has unveiled its latest innovation, Intuit Assist. This new artificial intelligence assistant goes beyond mere question answering, offering personalized insights and capabilities that elevate user experiences.

AI-Powered Personalization

Intuit Assist harnesses the power of generative AI to comprehend natural language queries and respond with clear and accurate information. Unlike some generative AI counterparts, it avoids the pitfalls of “hallucination,” ensuring the reliability of its responses. Moreover, this AI assistant can handle tasks like generating invoices, sending reminders, and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Integrated seamlessly into Intuit’s product interfaces, Intuit Assist takes its place as a user-friendly sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen. Users can engage with the assistant through text input or by selecting from a list of suggested prompts. For those seeking more in-depth guidance, Intuit Assist can even connect users with human experts for additional support.

A Product of Extensive Research and Development

Intuit Assist represents the culmination of years of dedicated research and development by Intuit’s engineering and data science teams. It stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering value to its vast user base, consisting of 100 million small businesses and consumers.

Already accessible to TurboTax users, Intuit plans to introduce further enhancements in the coming months. For Credit Karma, Quickbooks, and Mailchimp, the assistant is currently available to select US beta users, with broader availability on the horizon.

“Intuit’s journey with generative AI serves as a valuable example for enterprises aiming to succeed with AI. Their integrated data layer and GenOS orchestration layer lay the foundation for AI applications at scale,” said Ashok Srivastava, Intuit’s Chief Data Officer.

The Power of GenOS

Intuit’s secret weapon in its AI endeavors is GenOS, an orchestration layer that acts as an AI operating system. GenOS empowers engineers by simplifying the process of building AI applications at scale. It leverages Intuit’s vast and diverse data sets to create tailor-made, context-aware AI models for each product and customer.

GenOS operates at three critical layers of Intuit’s application runtime:

  • It enhances user prompts with real-time customer-specific data, enhancing prompt intelligence.
  • It interacts with Intuit’s custom large language model to retrieve answers.
  • It ensures answer accuracy through post-processing, if necessary.

With Intuit Assist, users like Ashok Srivastava can effortlessly manage personal finances, track income and expenses, and gain instant insights by simply asking questions. It’s a game-changer for productivity and efficiency.

Intuit Assist’s potential spans across Intuit’s product ecosystem, making it a versatile and coherent AI assistant for users seeking enhanced financial and operational insights.

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