UnitQ GPT: Revolutionizing Customer Support with Conversational AI

As customer expectations continue to rise, enterprises are under increasing pressure to provide seamless support experiences. However, keeping up with growing demand can strain even the largest support organizations. This week, UnitQ, a five-year-old startup, announced the launch of UnitQ GPT, a new chatbot powered by a combination of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model and proprietary machine learning (ML) models for analysis.

Democratizing Access to Insights

“We’re not just now democratizing access to data, but also democratizing access to insights,” said Christian Wiklund, UnitQ co-founder and CEO. UnitQ’s platform aggregates and analyzes vast amounts of user feedback data from various sources such as app reviews, support tickets, online posts, and product engagement data. Their machine learning models categorize this information into granular topics and extract important metadata about each data point, providing a comprehensive understanding of customers’ experiences with a company’s products and services.

“And then you can start asking questions,” added Christian Wiklund.

UnitQ’s chatbot, UnitQ GPT, not only responds to inquiries but also provides insights and produces graphs to visualize user interactions and responses. The chatbot has already gained traction, with companies like Spotify, Pinterest, Uber, and HelloFresh utilizing UnitQ’s solution to gain valuable insights into their customer experience.

Personalized Training for Reliable Guidance

To ensure that the chatbot provides reliable guidance tailored to each business, UnitQ trains it on their customers’ unique classified feedback datasets. According to Christian Wiklund, UnitQ’s personalized training approach is critical because no two customer bases are exactly alike. By leveraging conversations between a company’s support agents and customer comments, UnitQ builds chatbots that offer relevant information contextualized by the nuances of that organization’s customers and products.

“It’s from engineering to product to support teams to research teams, to leadership because everyone has a vested interest in understanding the user base,” noted Christian Wiklund.

UnitQ’s success stories include Pinterest, which now has over 800 employees actively using the platform. Bumble, a leading dating app, has also seen great success through their partnership with UnitQ. By capturing user sentiment and feedback at scale, UnitQ provided Bumble with deep insights into their members’ preferences, allowing them to continuously enhance their products, policies, and overall user experience.

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