Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Expands AI Efforts with New Initiatives

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is taking significant steps to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The company has announced a series of new initiatives at the HPE Discover Barcelona 2023 event, aimed at optimizing AI for enterprise workloads.

Partnership with Nvidia

One of the updates includes an expanded partnership with Nvidia, which covers both hardware and software. This collaboration aims to improve the performance and efficiency of AI applications in enterprise settings. The partnership will offer hardware and software solutions specifically designed for AI workloads.

Enhancements to HPE Machine Learning Development Environment (MLDE)

The HPE Machine Learning Development Environment (MLDE) is being enhanced with new features to help enterprises consume, customize, and create AI models. These updates will make it easier for businesses to run AI workloads as part of their regular operations. The MLDE will also be available as a managed service, running on AWS and Google Cloud.

According to Evan Sparks, VP/GM, AI Solutions and Supercomputing Cloud at HPE, “Our view at HPE is that AI requires a fundamentally different architecture, because the workload is fundamentally different than the classic transaction processing and web services workloads that have become so dominant in computing over the last couple of decades.”

In addition to the partnership with Nvidia and the enhancements to MLDE, HPE is also boosting its own cloud efforts for AI. This includes new AI-optimized instances in HPE Greenlake and increased performance for file storage to support AI workloads.

Patrick Osborne, SVP/GM, HPE Storage, states, “We’re announcing significantly greater performance, density, and throughput for our customers to address some of these very, very challenging workloads. We’re evolving HPE GreenLake for File Storage to address our customers’ most challenging needs in the AI workloads space.”

Neil MacDonald, EVP and GM at HPE Compute, highlights the importance of fine-tuning, experimentation, and deployment infrastructure in deploying AI models into business processes. The expanded partnership between HPE and Nvidia will include purpose-built systems for AI and optimization for Nvidia GPUs.

HPE’s vision is to provide a full-stack AI-native architecture optimized from hardware to software. The company aims to bridge the gap between top AI research labs and enterprise users, enabling organizations to leverage generative AI workflows and derive insights from their own data.

As MacDonald concludes, “Ultimately, we feel like enterprises are either going to become AI-powered, or they’re going to become obsolete.”

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