Skill Money Games: Revolutionizing Indoor Golf with AI Technology

Skill Money Games, a Las Vegas-based company formerly known as Super Money Games, has recently launched an innovative AI-driven platform that allows players to engage in skill-based challenges for cash rewards. This groundbreaking startup, led by serial entrepreneur Sameer Gupta, aims to transform the indoor golf experience by integrating AI technology into their personalized, skill-based cash challenges.

The Future of Indoor Golf

The core innovation of Skill Money Games lies in its advanced AI technology, which analyzes players’ swing characteristics and performance in real-time. Unlike traditional tournaments that reward the best shots, Skill Money Games crafts contests tailored to each player’s skill level, ensuring that both novices and pros face challenging yet achievable goals. This unique approach makes every swing an opportunity to win and adds an exciting element of competition to indoor golf.

CEO Bryan O’Reilly highlights the company’s mission, stating, “We add the thrill of winning money to indoor golf. It’s a win for the players, a win for the venues, and a win for golf overall. With our technology, golfers of all skill levels can play for real money on any simulator. Hit a good shot and get paid immediately.”

Partnering with allies Full Swing and Swing Social, Skill Money Games has created its own app and is currently showcased at venues like Swing Social in San Diego. The company aims to provide players with a Closest-to-the-Pin real money challenge, catering to individuals of varying skill levels in indoor golf.

A New Era of Skill-Based Gaming

Skill Money Games is not Gupta’s first foray into the world of startups. With a track record that includes successful ventures like RivalMe, Golfstream, Bet on Yourself Gaming, and BettorView, his expertise in merging technology with interactive experiences is evident. The idea for Skill Money Games came to Gupta while brainstorming with college friend Seth Schorr, a co-founder of the company.

The patented AI technology utilized by Skill Money Games sets this platform apart from others in the market. By assessing players’ skills and setting unique conditions for skill-based competition, the AI creates a level playing field for opponents with varying levels of expertise. Whether it’s golf, bowling, or baseball, Skill Money Games offers a fair and engaging experience.

“The concept was, you should be able to win money purely on your skill,” Gupta explained. “All real money gaming has been tournament contests. But with advanced AI, I can probably set a line for you on whatever you’re doing.”

This cutting-edge technology enables the AI to recognize and track players, providing a personalized experience that adapts to their past history and skill level. The simulator sets a target based on the player’s abilities and showcases it on the screen, allowing them to compete against opponents with similar skill circles. Every swing counts, and players have the chance to win cash rewards based on their performance.

In addition to its application in indoor golf, Skill Money Games has plans to explore opportunities in other sports. The company’s impressive team of 20 individuals, including CEO Bryan O’Reilly, CTO Andrew Costello, and co-founder Seth Schorr, is excited about the potential this AI-driven gameplay experience holds.

With Skill Money Games leading the way, the future of indoor golf and skill-based gaming has never been brighter. As players continue to seek engaging and skill-driven experiences, this innovative platform offers a refreshing alternative to traditional tournaments.

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